Washington, Saved by the Goldsmiths

20170723_115311I entered Washington via Ferry from Westport, Or to Puget Island and over the Columbia by bridge. ‘Spent one night vegging out on TV at a Motel 6 in Kelso (after a long warm afternoon charging at the Berry Patch Restaurant in Westport.) In the morning I charged without incident in Castle Rock Washington, a sweet little town on the Cowlitz River and then made it up to the Eastcreek RV Park for the next night. 20170724_064300_Burst01

Then today began.

First I lost some of my charge going the wrong way out of the RV park then I drove away from Mt. Rainier instead of toward it… probably another mistake.20170724_123234_Burst01

I thought I was going to have a leisurely drive to an RV park in Puyallup but that town sprawled for miles and when I got where I was going I didn’t want to be there so then I started looking for a charger.

So I followed an app to Federal Way. Apparently there was one in a mall but I could not find it. I was used to the big green towers of Plug Share in Oregon and EV signage… neither of which Washington has. After that I tried at a Fred Meyers in the community of Kent, again struggling through lots of traffic but still on my original RV park charge. That’s when I met up with Blink.

Blink seems to have the Washington market. They are slender, nondescript gray towers. The first one didn’t work at all and the next one gave instructions I couldn’t follow so I called, took a brief survey before the line hung up on me. No Blink for me.


At that point I called friends from Chico, Steve and Charlotte Goldsmith, who have a summer home in Kirkland. To get to them I had to drive about 25 miles on gas but I was absolutely done by the time I’d called them. I’d tried RV parks and Airbnbs and come up with nothing. It was time to ask to be rescued and now the car is charging from their garage and Selkie and I are in hog heaven after being fed and having a lively conversation with people I actually know and like! What a Lucky turn of events!


I have now signed up for a guest Blink account and are feeling more confident for the last leg of Washington that lies ahead. So Grateful for these Good People!



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