And now, a life that is not in vain

IMG_7909So the sun set on the year without Michael and I’m determined to make my way and do my part to stop wars, climate change, injustices… the best path I can (on this the Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi and our dear Willa Taggart) and that is with non-violence. I wrote a few cards to those I felt I had not been entirely fair to in the previous year on Yom Kippur.

The sunset above is from Beale AFB Main Gate. I walked away from our potluck and meeting of Occupy Beale to take this photo and the rising full moon soon followed. The next day nine of us were arrested at another gate soon after dawn. We walked up the road, some of us in a cardboard boat that read, “refugees.” We wanted to make the connection between drones (as terrorism) and war and the crisis at hand. IMG_7920When I got home I subbed on the Ecotopia radio program (all shows archived at and discussed the glut of explosive crude oil chugging into California from the bakken oil fields of North Dakota and the tar sands of Alberta as well as a good discussion with my neighbor about the really amazing mix of deep ecological thinking and action she is involved in. Today I was on the radio again on Peace and Justice and my guests were Paul Ehrlich talking about nothing less than the Annihilation of Nature. (His new book,) followed by Ken Butigan, Director of Pace e Bene talking about Campaign Nonviolence… and oh yes, our Beale action was part of Campaign Nonviolence plus our idea sharing action last Saturday. IMG_7884In a few minutes we have a land meeting. We finally have solar on our barn roof and are finally off the grid. We celebrated in our new barn for Bob Trausch’s birthday, our number one Doer of good deeds and hard work. It is very unreal to all of us that he is 72!  It is Doubly Good to be in community and to have some security in these intense times.

IMG_7938I heard the Stones song, “You can’t always get what you want but if you try some times you might just get what you need” after leaving from talking to a Vietnam Vet for a long time yesterday and leaving him with an inexact sense of longing. The sentiment of getting what I need seems true. I’m lucky to have the sweet home Michael improved for us and to be on this beautiful land and it is for me to be grateful to have my basic needs met. IMG_7940


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