I survived my wedding anniversary!

IMG_7843 A very uneven day. Crying at the physical therapist’s. Not being able to organize my thoughts. Going to a meditation class instead of the yoga class I’d planned on and finding it helpful. Then in the evening going to the End Zone and crumpling under the truth that I can not recall a single thing we talked about in the last lucid times we had together driving over there and driving home before the pain hit. Having Laurel come and distract and extract me out of there (Thank you!) Then coming home and reading our wedding album vs some of my journal articles about how difficult it was living with Michael in some ways, at some times.

At this time last year we were in the ER waiting room and he was in agony. I don’t want to remember more tonight. My Love will last this life time… “You shall be together when white wings of death scatter your days.”


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