Leaving my family in St. Paul

IMG_7659`This trip has been so filled with human connection. I have never known a time for this many sparks to catch and hold. We had that time with Laurie and got to know Gabe and Dan better. Then met Barbara in Santa Fe… all that time I had the opportunity to deepen my ties to Cathy. Then in Brooklyn I had such wonderful opportunities to have Priya and Ameerah all to myself and to get to know them both as well as a bit of Danny and sprinklings of Kevin and Christine. In Maine Theresa was distracted by work but the closeness deepened with Emily, her daughter and Jim, her husband and I got the feel of their home dirt on my hands and the taste of their peaches on my tongue. I had a sweet “fling” with “Hercules” in Gorham… getting to know a youth knee deep in his questing. Then I was able to have time with Darien, my dear old friend’s now grown daughter followed by more time than I’ve ever had with Kyle as well as sweet time with Guthrie and Ruby. To top it off, in the Twin Cities the time with Bonnie and George was just delicious and I got to have time with two of their kids and their partners. Auntie Marge was the most remote but still the ghost of her was there as well as fleeting touch of Liz, my cousin who I got about two hours with. As I sit on this train moving slowly deeper toward the dense smoky fires in Glacier, I remember my time with Michael along the Milk River and in Havre, where we did laundry at a Christian laundromat by this enormous train yard, filled with Cargil corn cars, natural gas tankers and now us, the Amtrak folks of great patience and sore butts. IMG_7583IMG_7592


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