Izaak Walton had an Inn

IMG_7662Izaak Walton, Mr. Fisherman, thanks for the Inn. I slept 14 hours and woke with half completed tasks from two different lengthy dreams punctuated by two trips to the bathroom.

IMG_7687Trails are closed from 5 different fires but the crew is here doing thinning due to the risks to these old wood frame buildings from the Sheeps Creek Fire. I hiked about two miles and will strike out again soon, trying to avoid trail closure signs, after my lunch of Marys Gone Crackers, organic peanut butter, dried apples and two rum and cokes.
Before I have to hit the train again tonight I’ll eat a restaurant dinner and have a Jacuzzi.
What I want to write about isn’t creature comfort, it’s about the pleasure of walking in nature. Before my knees started shouting I was striding with such joy and comfort. I thought it would be wonderful to just walk forever, like Peace Pilgrim. Michael was a few molecules away, like his head being on the same pillow and the space of my consciousness was open to every sound and color and movement. I decided (after completely reviewing out time together in Glacier Park) that is was good and healing to lay down criss-crossing memories across the old terrain we have traveled. …Same discovery but reinforced from the Vermont/Maine part of the trip. These places that belonged to us still belong to me even as they continue their own stories in our absences.

IMG_7705I’m on an old fashioned porch swing, feeling a bit woozy from the smoke and rum but calm and refreshed although at the same time my knees haven’t quite forgiven me…
Portland, Albany, Corvallis and Valori tomorrow!

IMG_7702IMG_7697And I had to add, being me, an Amtrak derailment and a photo of the oil train coming by the porch while I sat here…


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