About to go again

The trampoline of fate has sprung me again. It is the 50th anniversary of Medi-care today and the opening of the new Breast Care center in town… I cancelled the mammogram I was to have so I wouldn’t worry about it while I am gone but went to the dentist where I was given bad news- a 1300$ crown (maybe two) will be needed in short order. Here I was counting my money and being happy that now maybe I can get a higher ground clearance diesel (so I can get into the mountains on bio-diesel,) with the cash I have once I sell the truck and Suzuki but two steps forward and one back. Of course Medi-care isn’t going to help me out of this one and I’m going to have to be incredibly careful on the trip not to get an abscess under the existing crown. Plus, a letter awaited me at home from the IRS requesting my 2009, 2010 and 2011 federal taxes and the Las Vegas D.A.s office acted like they were shocked that I would want the body cam footage from our arrest in March (against the Creech drone killing apparatus) when I called this pm trying to wrap up my loose ends.

I was off the wellbutrin for three days but at the dentist’s office a nurse I barely remember slammed me with her shock at Michael’s death ala mallet. I was keeping sadness at bay and focusing on cleaning the house, getting everything packed and not on him, my loss or any of that. With the whap upside the head of her sudden intensity and all the other stuff I’m now chair stilled once again trying to figure what to do. Momentum currently cut off from the power source. Took the pill and now wait for the day to cool off… if I can make it to the creek with Selkie I’ll be ok… I’m sure going to miss her!

My Amtrak loop starts in LA with my friend Laurie Feldman and her family then on to the 70th Anniversary Observance of the Hiroshima/Nagasaki bombings in Los Alamos and the Pace e Bene conference in Santa Fe. Cathy Webster and I will be there for 5 days then I go on alone to the East Coast to see my nephews in NYC and my friend Theresa in Maine and possibly other friends up in that region before visiting my aunt and cousins in St. Paul before rolling west to visit my friend Valori in Oregon before coming home 31 days from now. A nice young couple will stay here in the house and water for me and care for Selkie.

Now it is just important to regain my oomph. I had it there for a few… come on Chris, you can do this!!!!

Here are some photos of friends Angela and Raymond from my Arcata visit last week, Susan Walsh from the same visit (on the way home.)  The photos from our Beale AFB drone protest this week didn’t want to post. I’ll write next from the road.



2 thoughts on “About to go again

  1. That might work out and I’d love it. I will write to see where you live in relationship to the Maine-Syracuse I will be on. I’d like to visit some other people near Burlington. Are you near there?


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