Mothers Day


Orien called this morning and talked quite a lot about her life and what she’s been doing and what she intends. I am always spellbound when she opens up to speak openly to me. My mind catches every word of it and I appreciate her unreservedly. Her dad Sheldon took me to breakfast and that made me feel like I was appreciated and that was also good and after that the third good thing happened– I got myself out the door, onto my bike and over to Dance Church. I felt the pain of “Sometimes I feel like a Motherless Child” and the resonant chants near the end opening up my chakras and allowed me to breathe through my entire body like the vessel we all are. At the circle at the end we acknowledged how some of us feel closer to Mother Earth than to our own earthly moms and one woman told of all her Foster Moms… good and bad who had helped her shape herself into the woman she is today. I felt complete and at peace with the Mothers Day theme.

Later in the day I played Scrabble with my friend who is always looking for a woman for a romantic relationship. He has settled on another woman (in a long line of hopefuls) and although that would not be something ever between us it made me feel invisible… usually I feel like his sister but today I felt dismissed because he hoped she would be coming over and was eager for me to leave. Gosh, the power of this mythos! Even I have been feeling it lately… dreaming about men, wishing I could be truly held.  Must be spring and that procreative leaning! Blessings to the Mother’s energy as she keeps the living lit up however she can… even the old fragile old ones feel the longing.

My neighbor killed himself.. I just found out when I stopped for a little yard sale his impaired homeless son was putting on… it was that old stark truth shining harshly out through a rather surreal lens. I wandered through the strength and beauty of the wood, rocks and nature he surrounded his little house with and the garbage of the downfall… that too. The post isn’t letting me put up photos of the beauty I found today… only the little figurine I bought from Duke’s son. Let It Be Mothers Mine… mothers of invention… mothers of earth reclaiming and birthing, constantly feeding and constantly expelling. All the brave mothers.


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