Home, Rats and John Muir

IMG_6675IMG_6689IMG_6690IMG_6688I got home to a big stack of mail that included this timely note from President Obama… he must suffer some pretty serious writer’s cramp sometimes. I don’t know what to do with this thing… it just made me feel like M’s mom should be alive so I could send it to her for Mother’s Day.

The house was seriously impacted by rat parties while I was gone. My friend Caroline spent four hours here today vacumming and helping me with a lot of cleaning.. I feel much better for the efforts. I did less than her because my neck and shoulders are still hurting from my car slam in Salt Lake but it isn’t something serious… just slows me down.

Today she and I were going to go to the Board of Supervisors meeting to stand for a proposed fracking waste disposal ban (which passed!) but decided the best earth day friendly,  John Muir loving thing to do would be not to drive half an hour to a meeting we were not really needed at. Last night we celebrated her belated birthday with dinner and the Citizenfour movie about Edward Snowden who is another heroic figure.  Today I also spent some time calling our representatives asking them to review the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement which would basically give corporations equal standing with nations–behind closed doors there is a big push to make this just an up/down vote. Things are alarming now in a non-stop frantic kind of way but I haven’t reengaged in that way yet and hope not to. I got plenty of beauty here at home out of the corner of my eye today.  I’m grateful than I am not completely dulled out or grossed out by rat clean up duties to miss the beauty around me. Plus Emily gave me a bunch of strawberries and lettuce from her gorgeous garden… I feel like I won a prize.

Tomorrow my old friend Angela arrives. We are going under the house to try to find where the rats are getting in. We’ll seal it and put more poison under the house—sorry sister creatures.  She will want me to move my woodpile and get rid of my open compost pile. Michael’s shed with our camping gear must be a target too… it’s full of their poop and I don’t want everything ruined. Right now I can’t imagine a bunch of lifting but I trust her. She is a step-aside-watch-me-do-the-impossible kind of woman so by tomorrow night or the next night this problem will be solved and I will be able to reinhabit my home, our home, and just pull my life up around me as snuggly as I want. IMG_6678IMG_6683


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