Salt Lake to Home

IMG_6663I visited my old high school friend Lisa in Salt Lake for two nights and we had a really relaxed time. I didn’t really dread the trip across Nevada nor did I look forward to it… it was early spring in Salt Lake and I was happy just being there. SAMSUNG

Before leaving Lisa and her daughter Laura and I went to breakfast then I went in search of the I-80 freeway.

SAMSUNGAt that point I had a fender bender with a very nice man named Jesus. He whipped around me on the right as I was turning right and tore off my bumper. He felt terrible about it and took me to a friend of a friend’s and that man, deep into what appeared to be a thriving automotive underground, fixed the car admirably so I didn’t have to worry about loosing the bumper in a cross-wind.

Leaving town I took a photo of Tooele Valley, just 25 miles out from Salt Lake where a huge depleted uranium repository is planned… where the half life will be 4.5 million years. So short sighted and sad.

IMG_6672The journey turned out to be very long and somewhat difficult. I remembered all the places we had had truck problems the year before… In Winnemucca, Elko, Reno, Rye Patch Reservoir… all the car part stores, all the long waits… my poor exhausted husband, absolutely steadfast about fixing his truck. No way I could convince him to just walk away from it.

I had my own small vehicle problem. The Volkswagen (with its Jiffy Lube quickie fix) would not start when I got to Wendover (on the Utah/Nevada border,) where I stopped to nap, have a coffee and walk Selkie. When the tow truck guys got there one of the guys was able to start it and I went on but then every time I stopped I’d have to go under the hood to get the linkage to work by tweaking it just so.

I got home about 7pm… the valley is hot and the grasses are drying out… it’s already fox tail time. My house smells of dead rats so I have set up my tent in the front yard. I stayed at a Motel 6 in Elko last night and drove a very long way today… I can’t take on the house til morning.

I conclude with some of the panel inside Horseshoe Canyon that Warren shot ….these mysterious beings are kin to the Moki Mother who seems so near and yet so very far away. I wish I could Thank Everyone who made this six week journey so special and amazing. pictographs Horseshoepictographs Horseshoe 2


4 thoughts on “Salt Lake to Home

  1. ruby perry says:

    Chris, The car problems are such an interesting reflection of the previous year, as if you were walking through that time again. The story has a slow motion feel to it, kind of a liminal state neither then nor now. Thank you for writing dear.


    • I felt that way…once the angels had done their work to both injure and fix the car then I had to keep going under the hood once the tow truck angel explained the linkage to me. It was like I was spooling at some other vibration in the opposite direction to Michael’s more elaborate and more non-stop problems with the truck… maybe our spirits met up somewhere out there in that hazy, distant landscape for a quick kiss in passing on the space/time continuum.


  2. I remember having to drive to Elko when I was 17 to see my oldest brother get married. That was one of the most boring rides I’d been on. Not to fond of Nevada, even though some of my family lives there. They seem to love ❤ it. To each their own


    • There are gorgeous parts of Nevada and also time of day, season and angle of light and cloud things that could make a difference but in general, 1_80 is a definite challenge. I agree with you.


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