Confident, then not

So below is what I wrote last night but I can tell you despite the glorious good news that I found my passport, had dinner with Keith (who also fixed the car lights and gave me a room at a nice hotel,) all that was dashed by how difficult it was for my pee brain to find the hotel. It took two hours!!!

So, despite the roller coaster ride this was last night–

I’m feeling much more confident tonight. With the trial and error method I found this campground, Pena Blanca, north of Nogales. It’s “primitive” and right on a wide dry wash between weathered hills and beautiful rock out-croppings. Selkie and I walked the wash down to the lake and took a different route back… legions of caterpillars couldn’t match our surety.


I put up the tent between two covered picnic tables and it feels very secure. A brilliant red cardinal and his mate signed off on what I’d accomplished.IMG_6070

I brought M’s ashes out for the Occasion of St. Patrick’s Day, as well as the bottle of Bailey’s I’ve imported from Chico. (Although I’m not much attracted to it after the day of bad eating I had yesterday… I’m not that excited about anything sweet.) I did enjoy a toast. IMG_6054

One of my satisfactions was using the Jetboil to make instant miso soup along with finding a salad bar in Nogales which has nourished me through lunch and dinner.

The temperature is dropping and the clouds that had looked so threatening are now just frames for blue sky… Crickets drone and the wind shifts around, other than that there is a deeply hopeful silence.

I’ve been plagued with worry about my passport… which Sheldon, Orien’s dad, has not been able to find anywhere in my house. I have an appointment on Friday to get an emergency one and I’m waiting for my birth certificate, the forms, etc to make a last attempt at getting on the plane for Guatemala this weekend.

Keith, Orien’s man-friend, is going to print out my passport renewal forms and fix the lights on the car and I’ll get to see him for dinner tomorrow night if all goes well. Right now, gazing out on ancient land-forms, unique to the rolling nature of Southern Arizona, I feel some hope in the luck of the quarter Irish, which I am.

Here are some photos of the border running through the community of Nogales and the Pena Blanca area where I camped…



4 thoughts on “Confident, then not

  1. Shirley Osgood says:

    Always enjoy your writing, Chris, and it is just nice to know you are safe and what you are up to. Will I see you end of March?


  2. Allan, I have one at home but the woman who talks to me in it is tired and often just says “recalculate.” I think she has grown as confused about the lay of the land as I am. I’m almost at the end of the new city part of this extravagant journey though.


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