The Road to Creech and forward

Soul Consoling Monument at Manzanar

Soul Consoling Monument at Manzanar


Flora Rogers and I left the California Northstate in beautiful spring weather on Monday, March 2nd. We stayed with my dear old friend Bill Helmer in Independence then cut through Death Valley (with the intervention of Caltrans angels who filled my tank with diesel from their truck after my Bentley Biofuels bio-diesel ran out.) We arrived in Camp Justice during a rain squall and tented the next three days in the freezing nights and sun-blasting days out in the desert north of Las Vegas.

IMG_5921We vigiled twice a day with activists from all over the US against the Predator and Reaper drones piloted from Creech AFB. IMG_5930IMG_5950 IMG_5928 and on that Friday, March 6th Affinity groups, such as Code Pink, Veterans for Peace and Peace Roots did non-violent direct action at both gates of the mushrooming drone complex with a goal to Shut It Down. creech arrest 2How it makes a difference is hard to know but I do align with those who will not take this horrible technology into our lives without standing (or dying in) against it. When we consider those who have died in far away impoverished parts of the world, living in terror, losing children and whole families, livelihood and marginal homes….that injustice is enough but also, it will come back here. It will be used against us… both the surveillance aspect but also the assassin aspect. Time will prove me right unless the nations of the world crack down on the use of these unmanned aerial vehicles. Our efforts are small, but growing and they must grow very quickly if there is to be success for this element of a sustainable future.

IMG_5962 After the Friday action I was blessed with two nights and a day of joy and good people at the Goddess Temple of Sehkmet– we went up to the hotsprings in Beatty, to the art installations of Rhyolite and to the ballet performance at the Amargosa Opera House. This all seems like the very Best Luck ever.

Now, I’ve been in Flagstaff with my dear friend Katie Irwin for some days. Today Selkie and I plunge south to Phoenix for family time…. time builds toward that time I will take Michael’s ashes back north to bury them in Utah. My anxiety about being on the road alone without a clear plan of where to go or what to do now re-emerges after this really wonderful time with Katie.

I will keep the Blessings of Madre del Mundo with me and just hope for the best. IMG_5966


2 thoughts on “The Road to Creech and forward

  1. Hi Chris,
    Sounds like you’re having quite an adventure and doing your good work. Meanwhile, back here in Chico a bunch of us celebrated David’s last show, photos to be posted soon.
    Please take care of yourself and have a safe trip. See you when you get home.
    Karen 🙂
    P.S. Lin says hi too.


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