Another shift

IMG_4221IMG_4680IMG_4006Orien left today. I drove her to the airport and then was late for work. I know I’ll see her in a week in Florida but she will never be back in Chico the way she has been. She’s going to Spanish school in Guatemala after our Cuba trip and then looking for another job elsewhere… restarting her life which she put on hold, in some ways, for us.

She came to live here from San Francisco when Michael got sick and got very involved in her work practicing criminal law locally. Still, even though she  was usually in veg mode when she came over she usually has spent at least one evening with us, then me, a week. I’m now hip to most of the serials on Hulu due to her hunt for good characters and good story lines.

It’s more than just someone to couch potato with. It just leaves another gap in my life…. we often went out for meals together or with her dad and Penni, Sheldon’s woman friend. I always cherished the camaraderie. I think both Sheldon and I craved her company and I am missing her already. I do, however, want her to be healthy and happy and moving along with her own life. (This is just a little sulk. It reminds me I need to reach out more to others and not be so dependent.) Good Luck Orien! I Love You.


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