Four Months

IMG_2674 (2)Back at Beale today. Barry Binks offered me one of these VeteransForPeace banners and I held it with thoughts that harkened back to Michael. For some reason my thoughts were of his death… I think my mind was fact checking. (Is he really dead or just MIA?) We had a nice turn out yesterday evening then went out to dinner, camped by the Main Gate then had a “soft” blockade in the morning at a different gate. It always tires me out and is always worth doing even if we never make a dent in drone drones. I hope folks don’t find out the hard way.

I’m just going to post a few photos of a few of those who stand up against drone killings because my heart reminds me to be grateful first of all for the connections that support me…even if I was a bit reclusive out in the chilly gray dawn today.

If it is possible and for no logical reason the killing of the trees in Oroville is bothering me even more. Maybe because of the beautiful old cemetery and the disrespect implicit in PGE’s actions but the trees themselves are weighing hard on me this afternoon as this day winds around me.

I have lots more good photos but the computer gods don’t care to let me post anymore. All Life. All Mystery. All Love.


Flora and Selkie

Flora and Selkie




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