the head of Zeus

IMG_4899Today we had a group meditation by phone and then I also went to a friend’s home to do an attunement (meditation) with her. After that Selkie and I had a walk out to “the back” and I meditated with the little pine where some of M’s bony matter nourishes the young tree. In the meditation I found myself doing some weird conjuring with his name, Michael, Michael, Michael… like Zeus conjuring Aphrodite.

No matter how much I meditate I return to aimless, random thought. Why did they make a movie that made it seem like if only wives tried harder their husbands would live with their ALS (ala Steven Hawking?)  What will happen in the divide between the Moslem world and “the infidels?” Why don’t people get going on climate change (see what blooms in January?) If we understood things at a deep enough level… the way we grasp them in the wholeness of meditation, would we be able to heal all that prickles us and divides us?

I know I had at least one Letter to the Editor written in my head today but will just post this and get down the road toward a potato/ lemonade extravaganza at Safe Space.


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