On this Day…

IMG_4623IMG_3332Orien was born and my mom died. Tonight we will go out to dinner and come home to cake and ice cream. Tonight Orien and Keith (and Sheldon,) will help transport guests for Safe Space so some of our homeless brothers and sisters can have a comfortable place to sleep this cold night.

I haven’t been posting because my hard drive was failing. It took a long time to get things cleaned up and I’m grateful to Henri Flores for helping me although I’m still struggling a bit to find things and not mess up what he cleaned up.

Looks like I can’t control where the photos go this time so will just say that the photo below of Sheldon, Penni, Orien, Michael and I is from 2011. He and I were not big Christmas buffs –everything for us has been about Orien’s Bday over the years. Of course there was the terrible Christmas on 2012 when he was starting chemo but by 2013, despite the return of the cancer, we were all about the usual things– the only photo that will upload is of  Chase (Greg and Ajanis’ daughter) and Michael. I’m grateful for all the good memories, believe me, and am not suffering any intense grief… I miss him but am ok. (I did have a bit of a grief bomb when I thought I couldn’t retrieve my photos from the old hard drive, that’s for sure.) I hope this blog will go smoother next time I try to post.

I wish you a wonderful Solstice, Chanukah, Christmas and Kwanzaa. Love surround you and keep your spirit bright.




2 thoughts on “On this Day…

  1. Mathilde Rand says:


    Beautiful pictures of beautiful and involved people. May 2015 bring us all more happiness and less crazy political turmoil and way…….. less violence.

    Always thinking peace and trying to be it,



    • I agree with your summary of what we need Mathilde but I hold out little real hope for a shift but definitely will not turn my back (either) from root causes, real solutions and lots of Love. Stay well my friend and keep up the good work of being Peace, Chris


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