A Brave New Day


IMG_4544Oh Brave New World that hath such creatures in it! Selkie and I went to Oroville this morning with Charles and Kathy. IMG_4552After the San Bruno pipeline rupture PGE decided they need 30 feet clearance for all pipelines in the state. They paid off the Oroville City authorities and have cut many trees (and will be heading to Chico next to negotiate the same deal behind closed doors.) IMG_4570Some optimists tried to rebuild new trees but these trees along the old cemetery are over over a hundred years, planted well before the pipelines went in. IMG_4580And luckily the people of Oroville aren’t going to let anymore of them be cut down. There is one more meeting before Wednesday when the chainsaws return. If they come back we’ll be waiting for them. IMG_4586We rushed back to Chico in the 59 MPG Jetta (on bio-diesel) and then I rode my bike downtown to the nut factory where the march against police violence, white privilege and racism was just starting. IMG_4596I donned an ACLU tee shirt and took up the role of Event Monitor but these young people were orderly and their soft blockades were short and  calm– marchers and motorists alike. The police only sent one patrol car.

IMG_4597Despite our differences we were united in our purpose and determination.

IMG_4603What was new and exciting to me was that young people organized, set the tone and carried out both the march and the rally that followed. IMG_4611












I’m tired but so grateful to have had such a stirring and positive day. I loved the energy, the speeches and the people themselves. We can have a better world with these new leaders and determined justice seekers.



4 thoughts on “A Brave New Day

    • I’ve been off internet while I got a new hard drive and am now trying to find my way. It’s especially tricky with the photos. One thing that is good is that I didn’t feel I needed to write everything that came through my brain. I clutched less at retaining thoughts and that most likely was a good practice. Love to you and Lin.


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