Another day

This morning is better except Selkie is panting like she just ran a race and is afraid to go from the bedroom to the kitchen and refuses to come in the house at night. This either has to do with Michael or with mice which I think I have. (They always manage to get in in the fall and sometimes rats do too. Michael was in charge of killing them but all I’ve deployed so far is the “Have a Heart” trap.)

This morning I found a small treasure trove in the remains of the closet exploration:


I was really happy to find one from Nicaraqua. We took medical supplies down in the 80s and traveled to the Honduran border town of Ocotal where we met wonderful Maryknoll nuns who were serving the health care needs of the people. It was also fun to find at least one “baby” picture and one of the broody pre-teen.

Today, despite sciatica pain in my rear end that’s like a tooth ache, I’ll make a dent in cleaning up from the yard sale. I look forward to going to metal recycling, the ReStore, the bank… it all feels much less frantic and over-whelming today.

Last year at this time we were in one of my favorite places of all times… and I have a lot of favorite places. We stumbled into the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument without a permit or a map of the place. This is the hairiest place to drive I’ve been to in the U.S. There are miles of deep sand tracks and no signage and no rangers. The first day we were in there M processed veggie oil and after a conversation with one of the rare people passing by and who actually knew where they were we made it to White Pocket in the North Coyote Buttes… we never made it to the more famous “Wave” but we were quite satisfied with the glory of what we saw. It is satisfying to think of our adventures. I’m more than a little intimidated to start back out into the back country on my own but am glad for the memory treasures I’ve accumulated.




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