So much knowledge!

IMG_4120Michael knew about everything. He always watched This Old House for tips and listened to Click and Clack for auto info. He used all of his knowledge and skills and was always researching new things. I look at this box of books and feel like life betrayed itself somehow.. this person had so much still to give and now it is only the books and the tools that will be out in the world, a world that forgets how much it depends on practical people with practical skills.

2ndwk July 035Example: He built this dock so strong that the Queen Mary could dock at it.

IMG_3629His last project was building a sail for the Portabote. Now all that remains are confusing and unrecognizable pieces of metal that will go in the scrap metal pile… So much mental energy, so much purpose and devotion to a project now like gossamer in a strong wind.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis was also one of his last projects.. a new centrifuge to process the veggie oil we ran the truck on. That processed the waste grease (cleaned it) faster and with less hassles (vs the old acme juicer.) I think he used it once and now I have to find a home with another wild guy. Where oh where are they?

DSC00461At least he didn’t live to experience any of the indignities of old age… like falling off a ladder and breaking something. Even though 67 isn’t young he was dynamic and strong even headed into the last weeks of his life. I guess for someone like him this might actually have been better? no. no it wasn’t.


5 thoughts on “So much knowledge!

  1. diane gilmore says:

    Chris, everything you write about Michael is like reading a beautiful love letter….thanks for sharing. That kind of love is remarkable.


  2. Christine says:

    Thank you for sharing Chris. I find it extremely fascinating and remarkable to read. Continue to share, we’re all listening. ❤


    • Thanks Christine, I appreciate that you write that. Good Luck with the Premier. My Love to you and Kevin. I’m (literally) limping along ok despite still being pulled into the orbit of loss for much of the time.


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